Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Tale of Two Sons

We are exploring the parables of Jesus right now on Sunday mornings. This Sunday 11/15/09, we will be looking at the 'parable of the prodigal son,' So many times we look at this from the view point of the younger son and in reality really miss the point of the parable.
Tim Keller has written a great book called, "The Prodigal God." In this book he talks about what the word 'prodigal' really means, look it up sometime...
We are going to use this book as the reference point for the next two Sundays, this week we are going to look at "act 1" and deal with the younger son and see how God's grace and mercy are truly that of a Prodigal God. Come and let's explore and see what God wants to speak to us through His Holy Spirit.