Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here We Go Again

Well, it's been a while hasn't it? Busy is just the "tip of the Ice-Berg" to describe what has been going on lately. I just finished a Master's at Wayland and am about to begin another at the B.H. Carroll Theological Institute in August. It "should" only take until November of 2011 to finish this Master's and then I'll see if the Lord is still leading to pursue PhD. work.
This Summer has been eventful. Maegan has been home and we are getting ready to move her back to College Station at the end of July. Graham is involved in Summer workouts and Lilly is, well, Lilly. She has really been growing and maturing this Summer and I am so proud of her.
Gail has been quilting like a mad woman and enjoying every minute of it and I have still been in shock and awe at how good God is in bringing us to WD. We will have completed our 6th year here in October. The church and the people of this community bless us daily and it is such a privilege to be their pastor.
We are going to get some R&R next week as we take the family to Ruidoso and join Gail's parents there for a few days of relaxing, fishing, and some rest. We are so grateful to Anne and Findley for making their "mountain home" available for us to use and enjoy.
I'll try to make some more post in the days to come...God is Good!